Service Consultant

We believe in providing vehicle Service that people can trust. This means honest answers for real problems at affordable prices. We also understand that our growth is only possible when the customer has a remarkable experience. The Service Consultant has a tremendous responsibility to deliver on this promise to our customers and we will provide all the tools to make this happen, including free loaner vehicles for instances when the customer cannot afford to wait.
We are looking for someone who is capable of providing information to the customer in a "matter-of-fact" way that is persuasive without being pushy. Our sales process is honest, simple and refreshing and we believe that customers should be given options as opposed to using fear or guilt to sell service.
We are looking for someone that knows how to manage appointments and is not afraid of using technology to manage work flow. We use a cloud-based version of ADP to manage customer appointments, vehicle history, technician time, work orders, parts management, repair orders and invoicing. This is the primary tool the Service Consultant will use on a daily business.
We are looking for someone with excellent communication skills. In order to deliver on the "promise" to the customer, communication between the Customer, Consultant, Technician and Manager must be accurate and timely. A team atmosphere is required to deliver this level of service and so this position must be committed to the success of the team. This position reports directly to the Service Manager. For more information about our Company you can check us out at www.HenryClayMotors.com.
- Manage the reputation and image of our Company through the eyes of the customer
- Work with the customer and technician to determine which Services are needed
- Provide the customer with different options for vehicle repair and maintenance
- Use ADP software to manage customers, vehicle and appointments
- Use ADP software to manage work flow, technician time and invoicing
- Use ADP software to manage parts
- Constant communication with customers, technicians and management
- Complete paperwork with the customer and make sure that the customer is satisfied with their vehicle service
- Friendly and outgoing
- Strong communication skills
- Organized
- Persuasive but not pushy
- Hard working
- Team player
- At least 2 years professional sales experience (examples: banking, insurance, Nordstrom)
- At least 4 years of general customer service experience
- Valid driver's license without violations
Our Company is an equal opportunity employer. Target pay for this position is $50,000 to $70,000 and consists of salary plus commission and is based on experience and performance. We offer medical, dental and vision benefits for all full-time employees.
Contact: Brian
Email: jobs@henryclaymotors.com
Please send me an email with your qualifications and I will give you a call back. Thank you!

Don't Be Fooled

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